Cloning of a Website – Now a reality!

September 3rd, 2013

Two is always better than one, isn’t it? That is exactly where the concept of cloning came in. It duplicates things to make it double, triple or even more!

There are so many Website cloning companies which have come up and are well known for this business. It is fast, exciting, easy and really makes cloning websites a reality!

Apart from just duplicating, they also offer various more subjects and services which are potentially useful and necessary for its clients. This blog basically highlights the main features on Website Cloning and how is it done. The concept is no doubt very simple and interesting to know more about.

Firstly let us get to know what is Website Cloning? It is basically a process of using the scripts and formats of an existing website to create a complete fresh and new website. It thoroughly eliminates the need to write programming scripts from the scratch and saves hell lot of time, thereby being much more efficient.

Now if we talk in terms of the market and the demand it holds for Cloning website companies, it is actually HUGE! This is because of numerous reasons, the most important ones being low cost website development, faster and efficient as compared to getting a completely new website designed, more likely to be successful since the scripts are copied from potentially prominent website which already exists on the internet and many more such advantages.

Now considering the ways in which Cloning can be done, there are two:


Cloning of Script

This involves the concept of copying script of an existing website which has already been running on the internet. Although we are using the word “copying”, but actually there are various alterations, modifications and amendments made on it so that it can look fresh and new than the one from which the script has been copied. Again there are numerous functions it offers like Search options, Checkout functions, Product orders, Navigation etc…

Cloning of Design

If a developer makes a replicate of a Web page, he also has tools to make changes in its layout, design, and graphics so that he can create a completely new website. The information contained can very well be replaced, rearranged or changed as per clients requirements or can also be borrowed from the existing website from which it is being cloned. So in this way, the web pages may look identical, but the content and matter would certainly differ according to what that website has to offer for its visitors.

Thus, this concept of duplicating and cloning has been around for quite some time now and has been well accepted for its features. And most of the service providers also offer quality service at very nominal and aggressively competitive market rates. In a nutshell, Web Designing and Custom Programming are the need for the hour as it is gradually eliminating designing of websites from scratch and instead working and building on scripted ideas already present on the internet.

Replicating Websites – How to replicate a website

August 20th, 2013

Replicating is always fun and exciting. It is always good to see things multiply and grow and replicating is one such concept which has made things easier for people over last many years. It stands for producing more of anything be it money, work, or just anything. This articles deals with the phenomenon of replicating websites and stresses on how it is actually done.

To understand the concept and need for replicating websites and web pages better, let us take an example. If a person owns a company and wants to promote his products and services on pan world basis, then the first thing that he would need to reach out to the world is a website. It would feature the name of his organization and have pages in it which would be dedicated to his products, offers and services which he wishes to promote.

Now in a broader world, one would have two options. First is that he one go to a website developer, pay him handsomely and get his website designed within a few days. In this case it would be a completely original website without anything copied or cloned in it from anywhere. Or the second way, one can take help of any of the replicators i.e. website replicating companies who would design his website by using a script of any other website that is already running successfully on the World Wide Web. In this case, one would not have to pay much but get his work done in a fast and efficient manner.

This is exactly how the concept of replicating websites has come up in the recent years and people prefer this much more than getting a new website developed from scratch. This is basically done in a very plain and simple manner. The working is even easier to understand. It can be well understood by the following points:-

  • It is known that there are so many well established websites on the internet and they have been there for years now.
  • The website replicating companies use the scripts of these existing websites; use their coding and programming in the same way and come up with similar looking replicated websites.
  • Every website is designed for a specific purpose and it is a waste if the newly designed website doesn’t solve that particular purpose. So the developers edit, alter and make suitable changes in the coding to provide whatever data that needs to be displayed on the website.
  • For example: If it is an online gaming website, then the developers have to make changes accordingly in the initial coding to make it appropriate for usage, though they have used copied script and coding for the backbone.

This concept has brought about a revolution in the website developing and designing industry. It has served as a boon for many and has given a new dimension to many people for whom, getting a personalized website had always been a dream.

Website Design Quote & Clone Proposal

August 20th, 2013

A decade back, creating a website was not that easy. But today it is no more a matter of concern. There are a lot of companies and agencies who provide services related to the same and this article mainly stresses on Website Design quote and clone proposals. Talking of business these days, everything has gone online. Things have changed drastically over the past couple of decades and internet has completely broadened the horizons for business establishment and operations.

It was not imaginary to reach out to so many people with such short time, but as can be well seen internet has made it quite possible. Nowadays getting a website designed is no more than a mere cake walk. A lot of website designing, replicating and cloning agencies and companies have made their way in the market and have done very well in creating websites for small to large scale businessmen.

Talking about Design Quote and Clone Proposal, it basically implies to quote or provide an estimate for a website development. For example, suppose a businessman desires to get a website designed. It can be done in two ways. One by handing over the project to a website developer, who would work on it for weeks and months and design a completely new and fresh website for that businessman. In this case of getting a websites quote, it would be quite expensive and would take considerable time.

But looking at the other option which is available, that businessman can approach a website cloner or replicator. They would ask him about how he wants it designed; what all things does he want in that website and give him a quote or estimate about the same. Ultimately he would be given a quote of the website according to his requirement and budget. In this case, the budget is less as compared to that of budget in the first case. Also the time required to clone or replicate a website if much lesser than designing it from scratch.

So in other words, Website Proposal serves as a blue print about the actual website which needs to be created. It would give an idea to the customer as to how the website would look, how much attractive can it be made, what all things need to be displayed in it as per the business requirements, etc. There are a wide range of themes, scripts, codes and interfaces from which choices can be made about the new website. For example, if someone wants to create an art website then accordingly the templates, scripting, graphics have to be selected so that it can create an impact on the visitors of that website. Thus, the website design proposal certainly gives a clear and prior picture to the customer about how the final work would look like.

Hence the concept of Website Cloning has surely established its roots in the market now and with clear understand of this, design quote and proposals, anyone can get a good and attractive website developed for his/her business in no time.

Know it all about E-Commerce Website Cloning

August 20th, 2013

This is the E-World and everything has come up on the internet now. It was all in the last couple of decades that Internet has now taken over as a dominant technology covering everything. It has made lives so easy, that people are completely addicted to it. This article talks about how E-Commerce websites came up, about their benefits and about E-Commerce Website Cloning technique.

So what exactly is E-Commerce? In plain and simple words, it is the concept of doing business in the online of E-World. In this all the discussions, promotions, deals, transactions etc take place over the internet. There are a few important features of the E-Commerce domain and about E-Commerce website. They are listed as below:

  1. First things first. If an E-Commerce website has to be designed, then it would require a true and experienced professional for that work. This would ensure a dynamic and vibrant interface which would reflect an image of quality and efficiency for that particular company.
  2. Another important factor which plays a key role is its appearance in the search engines. If it is wished to appear higher in position, then the pages and web links have to be search optimized.
  3. Paypal and its association with any E-Commerce website would help in real time transactions on credit and debit cards. It works instantly thereby efficient.
  4. As mentioned earlier, the employment of an experienced website developed is necessary as again the templates and graphics of the website need to be designed professionally. It should rather have provision for other things that might have to be added later on.
  5. Last but not the least; the website has to be coded and programmed using HTML editor. This would allot codes to web pages and web links.

Now it does make it easy to do business online, promote products and services and reach out to a large number of people in very less time. It was not very long that this way of designing was being followed, when the cloning and replicating techniques came in.

E-Commerce website cloning works to develop and create a new website. The only difference that it has from the traditional website development is that in this case, the code and script is copied or cloned from those of existing websites. This ensures a much faster and cheaper process and serves the purpose in a much potent manner. This concept has gained enough popularity among the website developers and is promising enormous growth in the coming years. There are numerous agencies that provide website cloning and replicating services as very easy and nominal rates. This has provided enough room for the small scale businessmen to reach out to the internet and try their hands on the E-Commerce.

It certainly offers growth, development with just some suitable investment and that is exactly what a businessman always wants. In the end, it really seems that E-Commerce is taking a new turn in employing the cloning concept for websites and it can even be responsible for bringing about a revolution in the coming times.

Tips to Improve Your Website’s Sales Figures

August 12th, 2013

Selling products online is beneficial for both, manufacturers and customers. Manufacturers can offer huge discounts while selling online as they don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in renting shopping centers and stores. The cost of products is less on online shopping portals as various middle men, distributors are eliminated, and goods are directly sent to the customer’s home from manufacturers’ warehouse.

Thanks to increasing online shopping trend, these days website is considered as one of the most important assets for any organization. Let’s take a look at some of the factors which can influence online sales.


Taking advantage of social networking sites

Social networking sites like Twitter, Google plus and Facebook can drive considerable amount of traffic to your website. These social networking sites offer free pages to companies and business houses. All that you need to do is open your company’s page and keep on updating it with links to your website and information about products which you sell on your website.


Website’s content and design plays an important role

What will be your reaction if you visit a website to buy something, and there is not enough product information about the product which you are planning to buy? You might change your shopping plan if you do not find enough information about the concerned product.

You should make sure that there is enough product description content for products which you are selling on your website. You should also try to put links for product description videos, user reviews and blog posts.

Website’s visitors will buy products only if they are convinced that your website and your products are genuine. You should also try to mention some information about your product’s history and some information about stores and shopping centers where it is available.


Contact details

Surveys suggest that people visit the website’s -contact details section, and the -about us section, before making any purchases on the website. It is very important to mention all the information about your company in the- about us section, and the contact details section. You should mention information like- your company’s corporate office address, telephone numbers, email ids for top executives, and telephone numbers for customer service team. This will assure the customer that he or she is purchasing items from the right website.


Opt for website cloning instead of taking risk with new designs

These days, more and more companies and business houses are opting for website cloning, as it allows web developers to create a new website by using design from any of the existing websites on the internet. Website cloning saves lot of time and money. It also offers user friendly experience to the website’s visitors.

There are several companies which offer website cloning service; however, it’s not an easy job. You should opt for a website designing company which is specialized in website cloning.  If you are looking for a professional and dedicated team of web designers to help you with your website cloning requirement, you should get in touch with Rabbit clone. You can visit their website for more information-

Best Tips to Improve Website’s Sales Stats

August 12th, 2013

According to reports, these days, even developing countries from Asia are reporting considerable amount of rise in online sales. Around 40 per cent of the internet users in the United States prefer to shop online instead of visiting shopping centers. So, it is clear that the company or business website is not just information portal anymore. Let’s take a look at some of the points which can help you to make your website better from online sales prospective.


Content on the website can influence online sales

Some customers prefer to know everything about the product which they are buying. So, if you are selling products on your website, you should try to put content which is good enough to convince a buyer that he or she is buying a genuine product.

You should put a detailed product description on your website. Shoppers would also appreciate if you put links for product description videos. Incomplete or inadequate content about products which you are selling might result in low sales figures.


Spending money on various campaigns

Allotting a good budget for various marketing campaigns is very important to attract visitors and prospect customers to your company or business websites. These days, companies prefer spending money on SEO and pay per click advertising campaigns as these campaigns divert genuine visitors to the company’s website. Pay per click campaigns also help companies to save money spent on advertising as companies only pay as per number of clicks registered on their advertisements placed on various websites.


Influence of SEO factors on online sales

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps in bringing traffic/ visitors to your website. Some of these visitors might prove to be prospect customers, and result in increased online sales figures. However, there is another side of SEO which you should be aware about.

Some SEO service providers use black hat SEO tricks like- keyword stuffing, domain crowding, and putting links in spam link farms, using invalid keywords for the website’s content, using duplicate or copied content on the website, etc. Google bans websites which use black hat SEO tricks to get traffic and better rankings in search engine results. If search engines ban your website, you might end up losing considerable percentage of online sales. So, it is advisable to stay away from using black hat SEO tricks for better search engine rankings.


Website’s design can influence sales

Online sales experts suggest that people who shop online prefer to buy something from websites which load quickly and websites which are user friendly. You should make sure that all your tabs and sub tabs are easily visible, avoid using complicated website designs.

These days, web designers recommend website cloning instead of designing a new website. Website cloning means creating a new website by using any existing website’s design. You can also opt for any popular website’s design. If you are looking for a team of website designers who offers perfect website cloning service, Rabbit clone can prove to be the best option. You can visit their website for more details-

Tips to Make Your Website Better than Others

July 16th, 2013

A recent survey suggests that there are more than 300 million business websites which sell various products and services online. Setting up a website for your business is not enough; you need to make sure that its one of the best websites in the world. Here are some tips which can help you to create that perfect website for your business.


Keep a track about your expenditure on your website

You or your designer initially needs to spend money for- buying a domain name, paying hosting charges and charges for installing various softwares if required. You should also be ready with a good budget to spend money on other important services like content development, digital advertising and SEO.


Content development for website

After registering the domain name and constructing the basic structure (site map) of the website, you will have to hire a team of freelance content writers to write content about your products and services. Some web designing companies also offer content development services to their clients. However, it is advisable to opt for your own team of freelance writers and check the content with the help of copy escape and other software to make sure that it is authentic.



Till the end of last decade, people used to call up their friends to find information about products and services which they are willing to buy. This is not the case anymore. Studies suggest that these days’ people prefer to find information about various products and services using search engines like Google, AOL, Bing, Yahoo, etc. So, it is important for your website to be in the top five pages of search results for keywords related to your products. SEO helps you to do just that!

Search engines refer web directories, links on various websites, they work on search algorithm and some other calculations to rate various websites in their search results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process which involves registering your website with various web directories, putting your website’s links on other relevant sites and organizing your website’s content as per SEO guidelines.


Digital advertising

History is evident that advertising plays an important part in increasing sales of various products and services. It is advisable to decide your budget for advertising and select the type of advertising accordingly.

You can choose from various options like- email advertising, PPC (pay per click) advertising, banner advertising, and other search engine marketing campaigns.  These days, the most preferred way of advertising is PPC.


Website cloning instead of using new design for website

These days’ web developers have developed a wonderful technique which involves creating a website using the design from any of the existing websites. It is known as website cloning.

Companies prefer website cloning as it allows them to choose the design of any popular website. This makes their website user friendly, as people are already familiar with the website’s design and location of various tabs. If you are looking for a trusted web developer who offers website cloning service, you should definitely visit Rabbit Clone’s website-

Important Aspects of Websites Which Make Them a Huge Success or Failure

July 16th, 2013

World’s first website was started sometime in 1993, unfortunately there is no record about who started the world’s first website. According to some reports, there are more than 370,000,000 websites live on the internet. So, your website competes with millions of other websites on the internet. You should do everything possible to make it better than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects which can make your business or company website a huge success story.


User friendliness

What will be your reaction if you find that the website which you are visiting is taking too much time to take you from one page to another? You might feel frustrated, and may change your plan to purchase anything from that website.

You should make sure that your website is user friendly; navigation bars should be easily visible. The home page of your website should have tabs to go to every page on your website. This will help your website’s visitors to easily navigate on your website and it will also help you to get better search engine rankings.


Credibility of your website

Your products or services might be one of the best in the market. However, users might prefer to verify few things before shopping on your website. This is the era of cyber criminals, and hackers. Every year, banks from around the world report damages worth billions of dollars due to cyber thefts. Your website’s visitors would appreciate if you clearly mention all the information about your company and its products and services in your website’s “About Us” section. This section should give details about the history of your company, your company’s head office address, telephone number for customer service team, your company’s email addresses for various departments.


Managing your website’s content

You should try to post fresh content once in every two days. Also put some links for product review videos on YouTube. Avoid using too many images and graphics in the content, as this may increase the time required by your website to open. Text content should be written after considering SEO (search engine optimization) requirements. Opt for writers or content creators who are aware about SEO requirements for website’s content.



This is one of the most important aspects of the website, as users will spend time and shop on your website only if they are attracted by your website’s overall look.  You can either opt for a new design, or go for website cloning.  It is the process in which website is created using the design and layout of an existing website.


Cloning is slowly gaining popularity, as it offers user friendly experience to website’s visitors. There are several companies which offer website cloning services, but very few of them are trust worthy.  Rabbit Clone is one of those trusted names in website designing industry. Thanks to its team of dedicated and expert web designers, Rabbit Clone’s customers are always happy with their service. You can visit their website for more details-


Tips to Get More Number of Visitors to Your Website

July 7th, 2013

Website is the heart and soul of any business these days, as more and more people are slowly moving from in-store shopping to online shopping.

This makes it clear that website is very important for survival of small and large businesses. However, just starting up a website is not enough to attract people towards your products and services. You need to make sure that your website is attractive, and user friendly. You also need to make sure that it gets considerable amount of visitors every day. Here are some basic tips which can help you to understand some important aspects of a website.


Select a design for your website

The most important part is to create a design for your website which is user friendly. Online shopping experts believe that visitors to your site will buy your products only if they stay on your website for considerable amount of time. So, your website’s design should be simple and attractive enough to be able to keep visitors on the site for longer time. It is advisable to keep the website’s structure simple, and easy to navigate. This also helps for better search engine rankings.

You should ask your website designer to install software which will easily allow you to update your website’s content. In case of complicated website admin software, you will have to hire and pay a website designer whenever you wish to update content on your website.


Payment gateway

Payment gateway is like addon software which you need to install on your website. This software processes credit card, debit card and internet banking payments. You should opt for a payment gateway which has less number of customer complaints. It is advisable to read reviews for at least five payment gateways and select the best one. These days, people are very cautious; they prefer to read information about the payment gateway on the website before buying and making payment for goods.


Search engine optimization

Your website won’t be able to sell your products if it does not get constant visitors. There are several ways to get more visitors to your website. The most trusted way is through search engine optimization (SEO). It is the process which is performed to get better rankings in search engine results.SEO process mostly involves registering your website in various web directories, and placing your website’s links on other websites which have similar content.


Pay per click (PPC)

These are internet advertising campaigns which involves placing ads on websites. These ads also contain links for the advertiser’s website. If a user clicks on the advertisement, the link redirects the user to the advertiser’s website. This is the best and most preferred way to get internet traffic.


These days, more and more companies and business houses are opting for website cloning. It means copying an existing website’s design, site map and other features to create another similar looking website. There are several website cloning service providers, however, Rabbit Clone seems to be one step ahead of all others. You can visit their website for more information @

Tips to Make Your Website Attractive and Visitor Friendly

June 23rd, 2013

Website can play an important part in bringing more customers and increasing your profits. Managing a website is no more a difficult task, there are hundreds of small business owners who manage their own website and save website designers’ fees worth hundreds of dollars.  Here are few tips which can help you to make your website attractive and visitor friendly.


Select appropriate domain name for your website

Always opt for a domain name which is related to your products and services. Select a domain registration company which has a good reputation in market, and is offering domain names at reasonable rates.



Website’s design plays the most important part in attracting visitors. You website should be user friendly. Navigation from one section or page to the other should be convenient and quick. Website’s design should be selected after considering various factors like- the type of payment gateway which you are planning to use on your site, various features, functions, media players, and various plugins which you are planning to install. You can either opt for a new design, or you can use the famous website cloning technique.


Loading time

There is no point in running a website which takes several minutes to load because of its graphics, designs or flash players. People who are visiting your website with a slow internet connection might not even wait on your website if takes too much time to load and open. So, create a website which opens quickly, and use more of text content instead of graphics.


Your website’s content

It is advisable to only post content which is related to your products or services on your website. Visitors might feel misguided if you Post unnecessary content or keywords which are not related to your products or services on your website. Posting irrelevant content and using wrong can drop your website’s search engine ratings. This may reduce your website’s traffic (number of visitors).

Good content will not only keep your website’s visitors on your website for longer time, but it will also attract new visitors from various search engines.



There is no point in installing unnecessary plugins on your website. You should ask your website designer to just install basic plugins to enable content sharing on Facebook, Google plus and twitter. Unnecessary plugins can impact your website’s performance in a negative way.


Avoid pop-ups

According to a recently conducted survey in the United States, internet users dislike pop-ups on websites. So, if you want your website’s visitors to be happy, it is advisable to avoid using pop-ups on your website.


These days, lot of companies and individuals are opting for website cloning, instead of selecting new designs for websites. Website cloning means copying an existing website’s design and creating a similar looking website. This helps in saving lot of money and time.  There are several website cloning service providers, but very few of them are worth trusting. Rabbit clone is one of those very few trusted names for website cloning. You can visit their website for further information-