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Tips to Get More Number of Visitors to Your Website

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Website is the heart and soul of any business these days, as more and more people are slowly moving from in-store shopping to online shopping.

This makes it clear that website is very important for survival of small and large businesses. However, just starting up a website is not enough to attract people towards your products and services. You need to make sure that your website is attractive, and user friendly. You also need to make sure that it gets considerable amount of visitors every day. Here are some basic tips which can help you to understand some important aspects of a website.


Select a design for your website

The most important part is to create a design for your website which is user friendly. Online shopping experts believe that visitors to your site will buy your products only if they stay on your website for considerable amount of time. So, your website’s design should be simple and attractive enough to be able to keep visitors on the site for longer time. It is advisable to keep the website’s structure simple, and easy to navigate. This also helps for better search engine rankings.

You should ask your website designer to install software which will easily allow you to update your website’s content. In case of complicated website admin software, you will have to hire and pay a website designer whenever you wish to update content on your website.


Payment gateway

Payment gateway is like addon software which you need to install on your website. This software processes credit card, debit card and internet banking payments. You should opt for a payment gateway which has less number of customer complaints. It is advisable to read reviews for at least five payment gateways and select the best one. These days, people are very cautious; they prefer to read information about the payment gateway on the website before buying and making payment for goods.


Search engine optimization

Your website won’t be able to sell your products if it does not get constant visitors. There are several ways to get more visitors to your website. The most trusted way is through search engine optimization (SEO). It is the process which is performed to get better rankings in search engine results.SEO process mostly involves registering your website in various web directories, and placing your website’s links on other websites which have similar content.


Pay per click (PPC)

These are internet advertising campaigns which involves placing ads on websites. These ads also contain links for the advertiser’s website. If a user clicks on the advertisement, the link redirects the user to the advertiser’s website. This is the best and most preferred way to get internet traffic.


These days, more and more companies and business houses are opting for website cloning. It means copying an existing website’s design, site map and other features to create another similar looking website. There are several website cloning service providers, however, Rabbit Clone seems to be one step ahead of all others. You can visit their website for more information @