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Get a website like Facebook for your business

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Facebook is a social networking website which has over one billion active users, more than half of whom use it on a mobile device. This website is a top ranking website that is selling very much on the cyberspace today. With a wide range of applications and functionalists it can be the best choice for Website duplication if one wants to start a website of their own.

Here are a few features that can be found on the Facebook website. However these are not limited as regularly many new applications and features are being added to it. Let us see some of them.

  • Wall

The Wall is the original profile space where the user’s posted content can be seen. A user can post messages, images, and videos. The latest timeline feature enables quick browsing through the wall by the date of posting. A user’s wall is visible to people only if the user permits them to peep through their profile.

  • Photos

One of the most popular applications on Facebook is the Photos application, where users can upload albums of photos, tag friends helped by face recognition technology, and comment on photos.

  • Videos

Facebook has an application of its own for sharing videos. Users can add their videos to the service by uploading video, adding video through Facebook Mobile, and using a webcam recording feature. Additionally, users can tag their friends in videos. Users also have the option of video messaging.

  • Chat

Facebook Chat allows users to chat with their Facebook friends. A user can chat on a one-to-one basis, or with multiple friends simultaneously through the groups feature. The chat window also displays the users that are online from one’s friend list.

  • Networks, Groups, and Pages

Facebook allows various networks and groups which all the users can join. Groups are used for discussions, events, etc. and are a way of enabling a number of people to come together online to share information and discuss specific subjects. They are increasingly used by clubs and companies to engage with their stakeholders, employees, members, service users, shareholders or customers etc. The latest addition to this website is Business pages that allow marketing of a brand or product and companies on the Facebook platform.

  • Like button

The Like button is a social networking feature, allowing users to express their appreciation of content on status updates, comments, photos, and advertisements. It is also a social plug in on the Facebook Platform.

  • Voice calls

Facebook users have had the ability to make live voice calls via Facebook Chat, allowing users to chat with other users from all over the world.

  • Credits

Facebook Credits is virtual cash that users can use to buy gifts, and virtual goods in many games and applications on the Facebook platform.

  • Notifications

Notifications are the alerts that inform the user that an addition has been added to their profile page.  The Notifications can be of anything like a message being shared on the user’s wall or a comment on a picture of the user or on a picture that the user has previously commented on.

  • Events

Facebook events allow the users to inform about upcoming events in their community and to organize social gatherings. Events require an event name, network, host name, event type, start time, location, and a guest list of friends invited. The Events can be public or private.

  • Multilingual

Facebook offers multilingual support to all its users.

To get a website with such features you can take the Website duplication service from any website development company in San Diego. They use highly integrated Website copy software and provide you with exact replica supporting all the features and functionalities of the original website like Facebook.

Ecommerce as a ‘Power Booster’

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

“Ecommerce has come as a power booster to grow online business and sell the products and services quickly without much effort. But for this effective Website design proposal for your Ecommerce website is very crucial.

Some of the advantages that along with this virtual medium are:
Global Approach: If you have a physical store for your business, you will be limited to a certain geographical area that you service. But if you play with an Ecommerce you can get the whole world as your playground without any barriers of language, geographical location, and people etc. this is the best approach to target globally. Also, with the advent of smart phones this has become the most adopted platforms to do and sell business.

Cost Reduction: One of the biggest advantages of Ecommerce is that it cut down the cost that was earlier used for physical location setup, maintenance and all. Now with one single website business can target billions of people looking for product and services on the internet. However, such costs can be utilized in a much smarter way by offering customers with applicable discounts and gifts. Thus, doing more business.

Offers Comparison Shopping: Ecommerce website facilitates comparison shopping to all its customers. There are several online services that allow customers to browse multiple online merchants and find the best prices and product to cater their needs.

Product Information: When you are displaying products in your physical store there is a limitation to the amount of information that can you can display with it. It is difficult to assign employees to respond to customers who require information about each product detail. But with Ecommerce website business owners can put any amount of information about the product to help consumers to understand the product they are buying more clearly. When they know what actually they are buying they will be much satisfied.

24*7 Availability: Ecommerce website can run all the time and are open 24*7. For the merchant’s it provides an increased number of orders and customers. Whereas it provides an advantage to customer’s by an option of “”always open”” store which is more convenient.

Convenient: It eliminates travel time and cost both which were invested by the customers to reach their preferred physical store to get the product of their choice. Now, one can easily visit any virtual store without any trouble and get the product of their choice easily. No more travel required!

Create Markets for Niche Products: Buyers and sellers of niche products can find it difficult to locate each other in the physical world. Online, it is only a matter of time as the customer search for any product anytime through a search engine and gets the product of their choice. With virtual display options it is now also easier to preview the product that is being offered by the company. Get the item of your choice with full insight.

Quick transactions: It offers automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and other operational processes for the customers ease. This also lowers the manpower required run a business as 1 to 2 people can easily handle Ecommerce. website.

Quick product search: It is no longer about pushing a shopping cart in the correct aisle, or searching hard for the desired product. With this, customers can click through intuitive navigation option to immediately simplify their product search. Some websites also remember customer preferences and shopping lists to facilitate repeat purchase.

However, the benefits are not limited, as this offer extensive set of applications and functionalities with it. If you are kick starting your online business then this can prove to be a quick approaching tool to both increases the leads and as well to double the profits. There are many companies that offer such Website design proposals for you.”

Website Copying Software to Make life Easy

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Rabbit Clone is an established organization comprising of expert web programmers and web designers who are experts in Website Cloning or Website Duplication.


The fundamental behind Website Duplication is very simple and straight forward as the name suggests. Our customers are able to choose from an already existing website on the internet and we will provide you with a website which has the same look and feel of your chosen website along with a few specialized tweaks to suit your area of business.  We at Rabbit Clone can boast of having almost all the scripts of popular websites on the internet. Some of them are of the likes of Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Craigslist etc. a comprehensive list which you will find on our website.


Website duplication has various advantages over opting for an entirely new website. Some of them can be listed as hereunder:


  1. Save Time and Costs: Website cloning will help you to save time and cost of website design by the designer. Website cloning serves as an ideal mode to jumpstart your business and provides you with that winning edge over your competition and increases your market share. You will not need to create fresh and new content for your business which is usually a time consuming, painstaking and costly affair. The content has to be approved at every step usually when you opt for a fresh website right from design to written matter that makes up your website. In the case of cloning, we duplicate everything from a competitors website you choose with a couple of additions or subtractions to suit your area of business. It won’t take you long to host your website with an edge over other competition and you will end up saving a lot of time and money.


  1. Ease of Traffic Generation: Another advantage that website duplication has over a freshly made website is that there is minimal requirement of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts which need to be put in for traffic generation. A fresh website would take months of SEO efforts and costs to put your website in the top pages of popular Search Engines. By cloning a website, you will also be able to spend minimal efforts in SEO and in a way you will be driving their traffic to your website as well.



  1. Higher Conversion of Customers due to retention: It is understood that all web developers need to prepare websites which have not only informative and rich content but also one which is visually appealing, easy to load and user friendly to retain the client’s interest. If the website is too complicating or lacks information, the customer loses interest and will end their browsing session which is in a way a loss to the business. With popular websites which are already drawing millions of internet users to various businesses, when cloned there is always that customer retention. This means, your customer will stay on the website and browse just because the look and feel of your website is familiar.


  1.  Increase your marketshare: By cloning a website, you will instantaneously be able to increase your marketshare with visibility and ease in Traffic Generation. Enter a market faster than you normally would and save valuable time. Your business will grow faster than normal businesses with lesser time and ease and this will prove to be an advantage over your competitors.



We at Rabbit Clone suggest that our customers do not bother with the various website copier software which is available on the internet. Our in house experts will reverse engineer any website you choose and tweak it according to your business, so don’t waste time with the website copier software and let the professionals get you a website which will truly make your business grow. Learn more at

Developing a website design that is compelling to the customers

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

As more and more the globalization is affecting the market everything is going viral on internet. Gone are the days when the business owners have to spend their budgets only on the physical existence in the market, but now if one does not make an established online presence he is nowhere to be found in the leading businesses race.

Today we can see more and more businesses are moving their services online with majority of customers today are using internet platform for shopping and purchasing their goods. So, the need to create and design the business websites is becoming a challenging task for the designers. With more and more compelling designs coming up in the market the race to gt the best selling website is on peak. A great looking website will achieve the goal of shaping and delivering a strong brand to sell the products and services globally.

With this there is a greater need arise for websites that are designed and built to sell. Many options are available to make your business website design more unique and compelling that leads everyone in the virtual market. Web designers around San Diego can design your website from scratch looking for your needs and requirements or they also offer Website duplication service where they use Website Clone Scripts of top most selling websites and make your website similar to that so that you can get best of the design and looks for your website.

When customers come up with so many ideas that fascinate them it will become difficult for the web designer to create the actual requirement of the customer. However the choice will be great, but when the customer presents too many options, the actual need will not be differentiated and the website designer may be confused about which option to move ahead. Nobody wants a person who chooses an item and later decides it’s not right for them, so web designers spends much of their time on the selection process. They offer all types of default templates available along with Website Clone Scripts of the top and best websites for their customers to fulfill their requirement.

When customers visit a physical store they look and examine and sometimes even taste the products on sale. They make a purchasing decision based on the quality, size and physical looks of the product. But when you are selling a service online, you should do exactly the same thing of showcasing the product. It is surprising that many websites that sell software don’t actually show screenshots of their applications. Sure, these are some products that one can’t touch or smell, but they’re still goods to see. So proper showcasing of all the services and products offered on the website design is also very important.

It’s important to understand that the design of the website you are designing from scratch or the Website Clone Scripts you are using for Website duplication. Proper understanding and implementation of this will only develop a website design that is good both in sales and marketing. The website designers look into all the facts related to requirement of their customer to develop a high selling website design.

However, whether you choose a complete new design or go for Website duplication you must clearly explain all your requirements and needs to the website designer in advance. With your sound choice and a professional touch of the web designer expertise the developed website will enhance your business brand globally by making your strong existence in the leading markets online. No longer now you need to wait for your customers to visit your physical store and look for each and every product to purchase their needs.

Tips to buy Website Clone Scripts

Friday, August 31st, 2012

In today’s fast paced world of internet people are looking for website scripts that generate revenue while creating an engaged user experience on their websites. Website Clone scripts are the scripts that adopt the functionalities of a given web site in terms of design or features. Many popular website clone scripts are available in the market from Facebook, twitter to YouTube.


Most of the sites on the internet that are used to clone a website have already made a name in the market, and competing with them is something challenging. Still, clone scripts have huge competence if you plan for a pleasing business model. As with any clone scripts, it is essential to do some research before purchasing.


Here are some of the factors to be considered before buying clone scripts. Clone scripts when chosen carefully will give you good value for money.


Remember to Search for script’s listing page on the internet to see if any reviews were left. You can also make use of forums to ask other members about their experience with the script. It is necessary to cross check that your web host meets the requirements of the script. Some scripts will not work under different versions of programming platform or database. Besides, some scripts require that you install add-ons. Apart from web host requirements, remember to verify the user requirements as well, such as if the script will work with just a web browser, or if it will require any additional plug-ins or software.


Each scripting package is secured by a license and end-user agreement. These documents will explain the copyright of the script as well as what can be changed with the script. If you are not sure about the software license, it is useful checking Wikipedia, which maintains a list of commonly used website clone software license.


It pays to look for a demo or screenshots of the script you are purchasing. This will let you get a real experience of a working version of the script before you purchase. If there is no demo, then this might be a warning sign. Most reputed vendors or developers will have a demo on their site. Scammers usually do not have a demo on their site, which indicates that they are selling illegal copies of scripts.


Looking for support and documentation is another most important factor and is something that can be easily tested before buying. Contact the vendor with a few questions about their support. You will get a good idea of their standard of knowledge, and their response time. If the application you are buying is a critical one, remember to check if they provide phone support. Regardless of how flexible a web application can be, upgrades and bug fixes should never be ignored. Check with the vendor to see how upgrades and bug fixes are handled.


Finally make sure that any clone script you are interested in is the developer’s original generation. It is legal to clone functions, such as the ability to include videos or create a profile. It is not legal to copy or modify code or other parts of someone else’s script or site. Website Clone scripts you use should be free from copyrighted materials such as graphics, code, content, or trademarked features of the original version.

Key Considerations for Cloning a Website

Friday, August 17th, 2012

A well-defined, strong web presence makes easy generation of leads. Website Cloning makes it easy to quickly create a website. Cloning a website for time saving is ideal for the beginner companies as they will use the structure of an already successful website to help them generate the desired traffic to their sites. Website Clone Script helps replicate the website to target the leads needed to best grow the business.


Cloning a website is not as easy as it sounds. Many factors have to be considered for, while cloning a website. It doesn’t pay to simply create a clone of an existing website which is doing extremely well like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace etc. The question is, are these clones really successful? What can be done to create a successful cloned website?


While planning for website duplication not only it is important to select an established site but also necessary to choose the site that has similar products or services of your business to get effective results. Avoiding common mistakes and taking simple measures can help you create a successful clone.


It’s very essential to find a Development company that can help you with creative ideas on how you can be better than an existing website which you are looking to clone. Investing time in research and useful discussions with the development company can help you make a better product than the existing product. Ensure to choose a company that follows the standards for the programming.


Once you are out with your product in the market, have a clear vision of how you will place it to public. Another important thing that has to be considered after creating the website clone is the marketing strategy used. In most cases, even after cloning a highly performing website, a website clone might fail to give the expected results due to poor marketing plan. It is therefore important to place all the right measures into right place to ensure that you get the visibility that is required.  Don’t just look for a company to do the development for your website, but look for a company who will help you develop and market the website. Have your marketing, promotion and development plan all in one place.


Finally, copying the exact content of the other website can cause your site to be penalized by search engines. So it is very essential to have a unique, useful and informative content on the website. Website cloning works as effectively as the copied one only if the requirement of unique content is met. So choose a website cloning company that has the capability to analyze the need of the content and creates you a website clone that has relevant and attractive information.


Website Clone Scripts – Earn Success with Unique Ideas

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

For a number of people who try to develop their best website with low budget and less time, website clone scripts can be considered as a beneficial choice. A clone script is a web based script or source code that can be installed on a web server that works as a substitution, or clone of a popular website. For instance if you wish to develop a social networking site that is similar to Facebook, a readymade Facebook clone script available on the internet can help you build a great website though you are not good at coding. These website clone scripts are easy to install and customize to meet your business requirements.


In most cases installing website clone scripts is as easy as uploading and browsing to your HTML directory. In a few other cases it is essential to build a data base that link to the newly installed script. There are various sources available online to get these clone scripts but only a few of them, that have been built using open source applications are listed as free scripts.


Though creating a clone site is extremely beneficial, you need to face huge competition entering the market, as the website you choose to clone has already been developed and well established in the market. It is important to note that you will have to face a large competitor that has been running with very experienced marketing strategies. Successful website creation using clone scripts depends on your ability to adjust within your area of interest and create unique concepts to find your own position in the competitive market. It is not fruitful to create an exact carbon copy of any other successful website but modification of that kind with your unique creation can earn you success in short time.


Some Microblogging sites remained the best examples that perfectly utilized the concept of clone scripts.  Photo Micro Blogging was an idea that was developed with a clone script of Twitter, but in place of publishing short text, it is built to allow people to interact with the help of images. This is just one example where being unique in this competitive market can get you success.


If you choose to work with website clone scripts it’s very necessary to be innovative. And if you choose not to try and create your own concept, then you could still find success, but of course this would not be cheap and you would have to spend a large amount of money, and even then, you have to fight for your position in the market.


On the internet, what matters is what you create, and how you market it. So if you wish to copy a website, use this as an opportunity to locate gaps in your chosen area of interest, and highlight a unique area. Choose your keywords very carefully, market the idea, and when things were done well, you can watch visitors rushing to your website. People are fond of new ideas, so make them find you.

Demand for Website Cloning

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

In the present world internet has become the most effective advertising means that allows any business or organization to reach their targeted customers in fraction of seconds. The competitive web market has given rise to advanced and effective techniques which can help in creating the new websites with ease. Website cloning is one such technique which involves using the layout and design of a successful website to develop a new website.


Website cloning enables you to clone any website on the internet that has grasped your attention. These services are offered by many professional web cloning companies who have access to popular and well-known websites scripts that help you copy a website. Website duplication services are aimed at helping clients to develop websites in extremely short span of time by using the existing designs of other websites. In the process of web cloning the content of the new website gets changed, while the design and layout are kept identical to the existing website. This develops a new website which is not exactly a copy but functions like a copy.


The approach of customizing an existing website makes website cloning a beneficial option to develop a new website as it reduces the need for highly skilled technical programmers. The process of website cloning also saves a lot of time for the programmers as they need not begin the process from the scratch. Besides, the prices offered by web cloning services are very affordable due to high competition of the service providers in the market.


A website that’s newly designed may not succeed if the visitors or clients who visit the site don’t find it interesting. This has inspired many investors to look at other effective techniques to compete with the successful websites. Website Duplication helps the investors clone a reputed website attracting huge number of audience without even availing services from web developers who demand for a huge amount of money to build new sites. Often it is assumed that website cloning is illegal, but it is not, unless the exact content is posted on the cloned website.


The cloned websites will be able to compete with other established websites in the market and this will be a better approach in making your company or organization well known in your region. If you have ended up facing issues in building a website for your business, you should plan to seek the services of a reputed website cloning Company. Choose a web cloning service which offers unique, effective web cloning services that has access to popular and well-known website clone scripts.


About Rabbit Clone-Rabbit clone is a top one source for website duplication and programming. Our goal is to take all web cloning projects from concept to go live. We have access to popular and well-known websites scripts that help us copy a website. Our website cloning process is about using our technical and programming expertise. To know in detail about website copying and how professionals can copy a website for you, you may visit

Website Cloning-Easy Way to Create a Quality Website

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

With the rapidly advancing business trends, it’s now a necessity to create a website that meets your business needs. Many successful websites have already established their presence on the web. For those of you who are on the search to copy the success of other websites, website cloning is the most effective process to choose. Website cloning is generally the process of making an exact copy of any successful website to reflect it on a new website.


Website duplication, involving, cloning the scripts of other websites, is the best idea to save time and money being paid to developers and designers. To clone a website does not exactly mean copying someone’s content. It is the process to keep the website layout and design similar to other website, while changing the content according to your requirements. It is neither illegal nor does it harm any other’s brand image.


Cloning a website is efficient in many ways. The modification of design and graphics to meet your customer needs is essential in website cloning. Instead of creating things from the beginning that require exceptional development skills, website cloning gives you an opportunity to build quality website that has all success strategies of a more authorized site. Website cloning eliminates the trial and error method associated with the development of a successful website. It also involves minimal budget while promising a quality website.


Website cloning is not only a handy process to achieve a quality website started, but it is also an excellent path to ensure that your business or company executes a standard that has a proven foot print for success. One needs to have necessary awareness of do’s and don’ts while planning to clone a website. So it is very essential to choose the professional website cloning company who is familiar with copyright laws and analyzes about what is required to copy.


Website Cloning can be done making it compatible to your business specifications and needs. It is effective for any kind of business model starting from a very small business to social networking sites. It’s as simple as picking up the site you would like to model, and availing the services of an experienced web cloning company to implement it on your site


Making the necessary changes to the site by changing graphics, colors, content, images, makes the cloned site as effective and successful as the established one. So one can start doing cloning for a long list of reasons such as new product launch, new industry opportunity, new promotion or to keep site safe from hackers.


About Rabbit Clone-Rabbit clone is a top one source for website duplication and programming. Our goal is to take all web cloning projects from concept to go live. We have access to popular and well-known websites scripts that help us copy a website. Our website cloning process is about using our technical and programming expertise. To know in detail about website copying and how professionals can copy a website for you, you may visit

Website Cloning-Creating a Successful Website

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

In the recent times of internet revolution, it is very important to build a website to take the various advantages of internet marketing. An attractive and informative website helps to create a professional image for your business and gives an impact to the customers that your business or company is trustworthy. Websites are the best means for comfortably reaching your targeted audience.


Here are some of the reasons and advantages of creating a successful website.


The Businesses who sell products or services often need to interact with their clients or customers to carryout various transactions. In such cases it really pays to have a website with the main goal to reach the potential customers.


A website allows people to immediately get your information anytime and anywhere. Your site allows visitors to right away find out who you are and what you offer. By providing business information in your website like, phone number, fax number, email address etc visitors find it quite easy to approach your business.



Creating a website can be a continuous promotional tool for your business. Internet advertising is very cost effective when compared to conventional marketing methods, such as newspaper ads or direct mail. More importantly, with internet marketing strategies you can now reach people in all corners of the world.


Website helps you to participate in various networking activities. With a website, it is easy to set up a forum and connect to people to share and exchange one another thoughts and interests. Forum discussions are very helpful in establishing relations with your competitors in order to share tips and ideas or solve any issues. Moreover, you can exchange links with other relevant businesses so that visitors have various options of reaching you on the Web.


A website has no geographical limitations which enables people from all over the world to go through your services or products. This brings global representation to your business and the capability to drive more sales and make more money.


But many small businesses may not afford building a superior website. Here website cloning plays a very crucial role in creating outstanding websites that can compete with other successful websites on the web. It is the process of modifying the architecture and script of an existing website to build a new website. As the website cloning can be done without having to write the fresh scripts this process saves a lot of time for designers. Cloning a website is considered ethical, as only the appearance of the site remains the same as original website but not the content. By placing new, original and unique content and by implementing successful marketing strategies, website cloning can do wonders to the small business companies.


About Rabbit Clone-Rabbit clone is a top one source for website duplication and programming. Our goal is to take all web cloning projects from concept to go live. We have access to popular and well-known websites scripts that help us copy a website. Our website cloning process is about using our technical and programming expertise. To know in detail about website copying and how professionals can copy a website for you, you may visit