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Facebook is a social networking website which has over one billion active users, more than half of whom use it on a mobile device. This website is a top ranking website that is selling very much on the cyberspace today. With a wide range of applications and functionalists it can be the best choice for Website duplication if one wants to start a website of their own.

Here are a few features that can be found on the Facebook website. However these are not limited as regularly many new applications and features are being added to it. Let us see some of them.

  • Wall

The Wall is the original profile space where the user’s posted content can be seen. A user can post messages, images, and videos. The latest timeline feature enables quick browsing through the wall by the date of posting. A user’s wall is visible to people only if the user permits them to peep through their profile.

  • Photos

One of the most popular applications on Facebook is the Photos application, where users can upload albums of photos, tag friends helped by face recognition technology, and comment on photos.

  • Videos

Facebook has an application of its own for sharing videos. Users can add their videos to the service by uploading video, adding video through Facebook Mobile, and using a webcam recording feature. Additionally, users can tag their friends in videos. Users also have the option of video messaging.

  • Chat

Facebook Chat allows users to chat with their Facebook friends. A user can chat on a one-to-one basis, or with multiple friends simultaneously through the groups feature. The chat window also displays the users that are online from one’s friend list.

  • Networks, Groups, and Pages

Facebook allows various networks and groups which all the users can join. Groups are used for discussions, events, etc. and are a way of enabling a number of people to come together online to share information and discuss specific subjects. They are increasingly used by clubs and companies to engage with their stakeholders, employees, members, service users, shareholders or customers etc. The latest addition to this website is Business pages that allow marketing of a brand or product and companies on the Facebook platform.

  • Like button

The Like button is a social networking feature, allowing users to express their appreciation of content on status updates, comments, photos, and advertisements. It is also a social plug in on the Facebook Platform.

  • Voice calls

Facebook users have had the ability to make live voice calls via Facebook Chat, allowing users to chat with other users from all over the world.

  • Credits

Facebook Credits is virtual cash that users can use to buy gifts, and virtual goods in many games and applications on the Facebook platform.

  • Notifications

Notifications are the alerts that inform the user that an addition has been added to their profile page.  The Notifications can be of anything like a message being shared on the user’s wall or a comment on a picture of the user or on a picture that the user has previously commented on.

  • Events

Facebook events allow the users to inform about upcoming events in their community and to organize social gatherings. Events require an event name, network, host name, event type, start time, location, and a guest list of friends invited. The Events can be public or private.

  • Multilingual

Facebook offers multilingual support to all its users.

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