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Ecommerce as a ‘Power Booster’

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

“Ecommerce has come as a power booster to grow online business and sell the products and services quickly without much effort. But for this effective Website design proposal for your Ecommerce website is very crucial.

Some of the advantages that along with this virtual medium are:
Global Approach: If you have a physical store for your business, you will be limited to a certain geographical area that you service. But if you play with an Ecommerce you can get the whole world as your playground without any barriers of language, geographical location, and people etc. this is the best approach to target globally. Also, with the advent of smart phones this has become the most adopted platforms to do and sell business.

Cost Reduction: One of the biggest advantages of Ecommerce is that it cut down the cost that was earlier used for physical location setup, maintenance and all. Now with one single website business can target billions of people looking for product and services on the internet. However, such costs can be utilized in a much smarter way by offering customers with applicable discounts and gifts. Thus, doing more business.

Offers Comparison Shopping: Ecommerce website facilitates comparison shopping to all its customers. There are several online services that allow customers to browse multiple online merchants and find the best prices and product to cater their needs.

Product Information: When you are displaying products in your physical store there is a limitation to the amount of information that can you can display with it. It is difficult to assign employees to respond to customers who require information about each product detail. But with Ecommerce website business owners can put any amount of information about the product to help consumers to understand the product they are buying more clearly. When they know what actually they are buying they will be much satisfied.

24*7 Availability: Ecommerce website can run all the time and are open 24*7. For the merchant’s it provides an increased number of orders and customers. Whereas it provides an advantage to customer’s by an option of “”always open”” store which is more convenient.

Convenient: It eliminates travel time and cost both which were invested by the customers to reach their preferred physical store to get the product of their choice. Now, one can easily visit any virtual store without any trouble and get the product of their choice easily. No more travel required!

Create Markets for Niche Products: Buyers and sellers of niche products can find it difficult to locate each other in the physical world. Online, it is only a matter of time as the customer search for any product anytime through a search engine and gets the product of their choice. With virtual display options it is now also easier to preview the product that is being offered by the company. Get the item of your choice with full insight.

Quick transactions: It offers automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and other operational processes for the customers ease. This also lowers the manpower required run a business as 1 to 2 people can easily handle Ecommerce. website.

Quick product search: It is no longer about pushing a shopping cart in the correct aisle, or searching hard for the desired product. With this, customers can click through intuitive navigation option to immediately simplify their product search. Some websites also remember customer preferences and shopping lists to facilitate repeat purchase.

However, the benefits are not limited, as this offer extensive set of applications and functionalities with it. If you are kick starting your online business then this can prove to be a quick approaching tool to both increases the leads and as well to double the profits. There are many companies that offer such Website design proposals for you.”

Keep your website copy simple and straightforward

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Copying is the act of selling in print. Therefore, its job is no different. Today with a rise in the trend of a ‘Copy a website’ many businesses are looking for it rather than going for creating a complete new design. Nevertheless the reason can be cost reduction, time consuming or also individuals may think that a fully running website can assure of acceptance from the customers online. But this is not easy as it sounds to be. As websites involve no human interaction that you normally get in a physical sales encounter, your copy job therefore brings up an even greater responsibility.

Though Copy a website is a convenient option especially now with Copy website software available in the markets, at times it may fail to bring the expected results. An effective website starts with a clear objective that will lead to a specific action or outcome. If your website is not meant to, tell, sell a product, gain customers or obtain an inquiry for more information, then what exactly it is meant for? Work around the answer and you will come up with a focused answer that will help you to set up your website objectives.

There are many facets where the website copy fails. For an instance, an obscure copy that fails to invoke emotions, tell compelling stories and excite the prospects about the product & service is indeed one of the most common reasons why your website copy fails. Basically, a website copy must also communicate with that same enthusiasm as the pioneer one does, and this will help to energize your prospects, delight them about your offering and persuade them to buy it from you.

Apart from instilling an emotion into your website copy, giving your prospects something they can understand, believe in and act upon will add up additional spunk to it. For an instance, a car dealer website must showcase the features of some selected models and differentiate them with the others to convince the customer to buy it. Eventually, many websites also fail to answer a customer’s most important question ‘What’s in it for me?’ The website developers get so occupied in showcasing companies, products, features or advantages over their peers that they fail to appeal to the visitor specifically. The number one reason for this issue of why a website doesn’t convert is that the website copy is targeting the wrong audience or fails to connect with them directly. The main goal for your website must be serving the prospects.

Appealing the prospect is not an easy task though, especially when you go for Copy a website option. Every website’s goal is to turn curious browsers into serious buyers and for this they must clearly answer all the customer’s queries like ‘why only this?’, ‘When can it?’, ‘How can I get it?’ and etc. When you use Copy website software you must clearly differentiate your copy with the pioneer by making applicable changes as per your offerings and areas. To club it all, a website copy must be simple and straightforward and serve the prospect precisely.

However, the most common mistake that the marketers and copywriters commit is that they do not ensure that your website copy connects to the genuine audience. A professional selling website must not only serve the customers but also must speak their language, talks about their needs, and tells stories they can easily appreciate and relate with themselves. If a website succeeds in convincing the prospect that his products are exactly what they are looking for then certainly their Copy a website campaign can be a success.

Need for website cloning

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012



Going online is a great way of improving your business, small or large. You will be able to get in touch with your targeted audience promptly without difficulty and can make them aware of your company’s importance in an extremely effective manner. But, you may not like to spend a lot of your time, building as well as developing your website. Thanks to expert website duplication companies. They have the capacity to duplicate a site, saving your precious time and money.

The process of cloning requires using a website that has already been created that shares similar properties as well as features. Business outlets in the same line of competition have often taken up this art. The design as well as website content is cloned to make a personal website. With the development of online business, website copying goes a long way towards ensuring that you level up with pre existing companies in a fast and easy way on the internet marketing level.

Website Cloning is an extremely popular concept among all the web users and has received wide recognition from all internet users. A replica has the distinctive feature of bearing a resemblance to its parent website. These types of sites are easy to use and are therefore in popular as compared to their competitors.

The success of website cloning lies in an individual’s ability to make use of creativity. To make your website unique and professional, you should not copy word by word, you have to copy websites skillfully using up tools and strategies such as search engine optimization to create and drive traffic to your website. You also need to know how to create attractive content as well as catch phrases that will attract audiences to your site. A number of Website Copier Software’s are available for effective as well as efficient Website Copying. Though the internet is over crowded with software’s that allow you to copy, you need to search and only pick up one amongst the most preferred and recommended.

As the website clone is copied on a previously booming website, one can be rest assured of huge returns on investment. A website cloning expert company will be aware of the requirement to have exclusive content for a website. They can develop and build the duplicate that is not only helpful for the web users, but also for search engines. That is to say, a well-developed replica is formed using keyword rich and SEO friendly content for better online existence and advertising. Besides creating website content, the replication companies are also providing Internet marketing services like search engine optimization, and additional expert web designing services like graphic designing, programming, developing software applications etc

Website Duplication is of great use to those who are not able to make earnings out of their business. By creating a duplicate that is better to their competitors’, they can draw the attention of their customers and have an edge over others in the market.

About Rabbit Clone-Rabbit clone is a top one source for website duplication and programming. Our goal is to take all web cloning projects from concept to go live. We have access to popular and well-known websites scripts that help us copy a website. Our website cloning process is about using our technical and programming expertise. To know in detail about website copying and how professionals can copy a website for you, you may visit


Common Errors to Avoid While Cloning a Website

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012


Website cloning is a process of copying or modifying an existing website design or script to create a new website for your business or blogs. Here the design of the website is copied to create the new one. This is very useful but there are some common mistakes done while cloning a website. Here are some of the common mistakes made in the process of cloning


Copying the content of the website; Sometimes, when cloning a website, we find that the content copied from another website. This is bad for search engine rankings as duplicate content is penalized. The content that is irrelevant to the services and products offered by the website will confuse the visitors and such visitors will never visit the site for the second time. Non-original content on your site can penalize the overall ranking of your site in search engines. So having unique content representing your business on the web is very essential.


At this point, it is important to state that creating a reputable website clone also requires that you use simple content. In this regard, you should avoid using complex words which can’t be understand by your customers. It is advisable to use the content that is easy to grasp and understand.  Besides this, it is important to ensure that the keywords are placed strategically when the website cloning is being carried out.


Using the wrong website- Before you choose a website to use for website cloning, make sure it is a successful website. Go through several websites to get the ones that are most effective. It is not necessary to copy a website exactly; you can be creative and add a few things of your own to create a successful website. Make sure to update the website often to make it competing with the market. This will draw more traffic to your site and hence increases sales and profits.


Another important factor to be considered after creating the website clone is the marketing strategy used. In most cases, though after cloning a high performing website, a website clone script might fail to deliver the required results due to the failure to implement marketing strategy. It is therefore important to place all the right measures at right place to ensure that you get the visibility that is required.


When creating a website copy, the essential factor to consider is whether your customers will find it resourceful. That said, people overlook several things and hence, end up with a website clone that does not meet their requirements. Put in simple terms; carefully choose the words you are going to use to make sure your customers visit the website very often. It is important to carry our intense research to find a good company that offers website cloning services. Choose a company that offers high quality services at low rates and has capability to clone a website with proper relevant content. Hiring professional website cloners ensures that your site’s impression reflects the quality of services or products that your business provides. What makes a website engaging and memorable can largely be attributed to the voice that comes through your sites content.


About Rabbit Clone-Rabbit clone is a top one source for website duplication and programming. Our goal is to take all web cloning projects from concept to go live. We have access to popular and well-known websites scripts that help us copy a website. Our website cloning process is about using our technical and programming expertise. To know in detail about website copying and how professionals can copy a website for you, you may visit