The Process of Cloning of Website

The website cloning market has led to the existence of web developers who have no much experience but still are able to create unique websites. The process of website cloning is all about copying the script and design concepts of an already existing website and using them to create a new site. The most important steps of this process are involved in the cloning of pre-existing script and design of another website.

The cloning of the website has greatly helped to reduce the time and money spent on writing scripts and creating the design layouts of the new website. The use of a script in website design is to help the site run well and control how the site functions especially when it comes to what the viewers can see. It involves navigation control of the site, the order of the products on the site, search features presented on the site as well as the checkout factor of the site. In script cloning the process involved here is the modification of some or all of this functionality to suit the needs of the new site. Not every thing has to be set according to the website that is being used for cloning but only some parts of the script.

Cloning of website design requires one to adapt the layout of the website to the new site. It is possible to make the new site look as good as any other site by changing either the graphic and replacing part of the information according to your niche market. In this case it will have the same appearance as the original website but the content and products or services offered in the new website will be very much different. The idea of website cloning is fast becoming the cheapest way for most individual and companies to have their own sites at the least cost possible. Furthermore, one can do it by themselves.

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